Review: Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I’ve got a new toner, what about you?

*cringing at the cheese*

I picked up a new toner after finally finishing my Son and Park Beauty Water. The Mamonde Rose Water Toner has been on my list of skincare products to try for a while now. I was planning to purchase one when I visit South Korea next month…but I was in need of a toner…like, now!

What is Rose Water Good for?

Having more ‘natural’ ingredients in my skincare products is a must, so this time I decided to try something that had rosewater extract. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with redness and acne. It is also great to use as a cleanser to help get rid of excess oils, and dirt in clogged pores! To sum it all up, rose water provides soothing, moisturizing and anti-oxidant effects and has been used since the 16th century in skincare. Oh, it also does wonders for your hair such as, making it more shiny, smoother, and getting rid of dandruff!


About Mamonde:

This brand has been raved about quite a lot by beauty gurus such as Joan Kim, and SunnyDaHye. It is another brand under Amore Pacific, along with many others such as Innisfree (my all time favourite), IOPE, etc. According to its website, the brand’s products are ‘inspired by flowers’, so I have some high hopes that it would do a good job as a toner. I have also tried their ‘Soft Bloom make up base’ in the past. It was a nice product, but a bit too moisturizing as a base for my oily/dehydrated skin.

The Toner:

It comes in a 250mL and 500mL option, but I decided to go with the 250mL so that I don’t have to commit to the product for too long. The bottle is very simple and pink with a sticker on the front including the name of the product and some rose pictures printed onto it. On the back of the bottle, it says that the toner is a “moisturizing toner providing soothing moist to the skin from rosewater extraction”, along with the list of ingredients, and directions on how to use. What kind of annoyed be a bit was that the expiration or manufacture date was no where to be found…I assume it would be good for 1-2 years.

Instead of water, the toner contains 90.89% Damask rose water. It is also 3-Free, meaning non-synthetic pigment, non-animal raw materials, and non-mineral oil.


I was trying out my new camera, and the quality of my the photos turned out quite nice!

I like how there was a cover that I needed to peel off before using the product to ensure that nothing was able to contaminate it before hand.

My Thoughts:

It is very runny, like water, which is probably why it doesn’t feel as hydrating as the Son and Park Beauty Water. But, for the sole purpose of wiping away excess dirt after cleansing, prepping your skin for makeup, or to just refresh your face, I would say it does a pretty good job.

The product absorbs into the skin within seconds and leaves my face feeling soft and supple. There is a slight rose scent to it, but isn’t very noticeable.

It does a great job at getting rid of excess dirt, even after double cleansing makeup off my face.


You can see a bit of yellow residue on the cotton sheet.

If you plan to use this product for hydration, you can always use the ‘7 Skin’ toner layering method by applying seven layers of toner onto your skin after cleansing. This allows your skin to soak up all that goodness a little bit at a time, without the moisture evaporating into thin air after seconds. You can apply more or less layer, depending on your skin type and preference.

Another way to use it is as a mask by applying the product onto cotton sheets then onto your face. I would normally use about five sheets to apply along my t-zone and cheek area. It works quite well! It is a great way to add some extra hydration into your skin.

Overall, I really enjoy using this toner and I will definitely be purchasing again when I visit South Korea next month!

Where to Buy:

In store:

I got mine at an Aritaum store located at Aberdeen in Richmond for $18 CAD ++ taxes.

Online options:

W2Beauty*: $21.22 USD

  • *If you use this code: 09572712 on at the registration of your new account, you can receive a 5$ voucher to be used immediately!

Jolse : $15.98 USD ($4 discount right now!)


Have you tried the Mamonde Rose Water Toner before?





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