Top 5 Things To Do In Seattle

Earlier this month, my friends and I took a short 3D2N trip to Seattle and Portland. This is my first official trip into the States after living in Vancouver all my life. It is funny how I went around South-East and East Asia, but have yet to go around North America…until now.

Here is a list of the top five things to do while in Seattle:

1. Troll the troll at Fremont Troll

It is a troll under a bridge. A great place for pictures! And if you are feeling thirsty, there is a Fremont Brewery about a 5 minute walk towards the water.


2. Experience Music Project Museum (a.k.a. Museum of Pop Culture)

If you are into things like Star Wars, Music, Wizard of Oz, Horror Films, etc. then this is the place to be. It has exhibits for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sound-Lab, etc. You can easily spend 3 or more hours going through all the exhibits.

Address: 325 5th Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109

Hours: 10:00AM to 5:00PM daily

Admission: 28USD for adults (18+), 25USD for students and seniors, 19 USD for youth


3. Space Needle

This is the highest point in Seattle. It is in the area where the Museum of Pop Culture, Chihuly Garden and Glass, along with a few other touristy things, are located.

Admission to go to the top is 24USD for regular, 21USD seniors, 14USD youth.

I personally, don’t think it makes much of a difference whether you go up or not since I’ve been up many towers in the past. The views are not anything spectacular.


4. Pike Place Market

This is the oldest Farmer’s Market in all of USA. There are lots to see, eat and do here.  You can buy things like flowers, fish,  and souvenirs, you name it. The first Starbucks is also located in the heart of Pike Place.

Oh, and the chowder is a must try!


Also check out the Gum Wall at Pike Place Market. I only went for the picture. It is pretty disgusting when you walk around or try to stand close to the wall since there is gum everywhere.

It is located right down below the giant “Public Market Center” sign at Pike Place Market.


5. Omakase at Shiro’s

They say the person who owns the place, is Jiro’s apprentice. If you have the money and want some good sushi, then head to Shiro’s. It is about a five minute drive from Pike Place Market. You will never feel the same about sushi again… and your wallet might just cry a little… but it is worth it. It costs about 125 USD (before taxes) per person for the whole experience. 


And that sums up the top five things to do in Seattle.

Do you have any recommendations on things to see and places to go? Comment down below! 🙂


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