Review: Snowy Village

Who doesn’t love desserts?

Ever since visiting South Korea back in 2015, I had fallen in love with their widely known bingsu dessert. It was on my must try list. I had bingsu for dessert almost everyday when I was in South Korea, which was probably why I ended up getting sick on Christmas Day. 😦 Despite that, I still believe that you can have cold desserts any time of the year- not just during the summer.


So what is bingsu?

Bingsu is a Korean shaved ice dessert made with condensed milk that comes in an assorted array of toppings. The most common topping is red bean and rice cake – patbingsu. “Pat” means red bean. Other toppings may include: blueberry, oreo, strawberry, green tea, cheese cake, etc.

Snowy Village

Over the past year Snowy Village has opened 3 locations across the Lower Mainland including: Alexandra Road, Richmond; Robson Street, Vancouver; and Pinetree Way, Coquitlam. After trying all three locations, I would say that the Robson location is best. It is close to home with no long line ups like the one at Alexandra Road. Also, I must say that the bingsu from Snowy Village is pretty much on par with what you would get in South Korea. It is so good!

My go-to flavour is ‘Injeolmi’. Injeolmi is a type of Korean rice cake, which is why there are mini rice cakes included in this flavour of bingsu, as well as red bean. Every time I eat bingsu, it gives a sense of nostalgia of when I was in South Korea. Also, the Chinese red bean soup dessert is my all time favourite dessert, and as a result, that is probably why I like red bean flavoured desserts so much.

Picture Time!

Snowy Village – Alexandra Road, Richmond 


Matcha Green Tea Flavour



Injeolmi & Mango Flavours.


Inside the store.

Snowy Village – Robson Street, Vancouver

The Robson location uses a different container to hold their bingsu. I don’t find it very stable, but it looks like there is a lot more content.


Injeolmi Flavour.


Injeolmi Flavour – Top View.


Blueberry Flavour.


Left to Right. Strawberry, Blueberry and Injeolmi Flavours.


Sulbing- Seoul, South Korea

This location was by Ewha Women’s University.

*sorry for the poor quality photos* 😦




Strawberry Flavour.


What’s your favourite dessert?



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