The Perfect Mug Shot.


Instead of partying the weekend before Hallowe’en, like typical university students, we
decided to go on a date night to make lil’ monster mugs at 4cats. meow~14881564_10154038469408657_2100577286_o

I stumbled upon this cute little arts and crafts place while I was in Kamloops earlier this month. Unfortunately, the workshop at that location was fully booked for the evening. Luckily for me, they had stores in Vancouver! So, without a doubt, I signed up for one of these workshops with my boyfriend.

It is a 2 hour workshop for $25 per person and you get to build your very own mug from scratch. Every month there is a different “mug of the month,” and it just so happens to be lil’ monster mugs for the month of October. The supplies for making these mugs are provided and all you have to do is just show up and be ready to get creative.



Front profile.

Our instructor was super friendly and understanding about the fact that not everyone is an artist, so she took her time to explain the everything step-by-step. There were about 16 people (including ourselves) at the workshop we went to, so you won’t be the only ones there!



Side profile.





My favorite part of the workshop was slamming the clay down onto the table in order to get all the air bubbles out; otherwise, your mug may explode in the oven…

We picked up the mugs about a week after the workshop. They did the baking and glazing for us. It was a long process… but my mug turned out pretty decent if I do say so myself. Overall, we had a great time there and would probably go back again for their polar bear mug workshop.

Final Product: 



Have you been to 4cats before? Leave a comment below and tell me about your experience!

Until next post~




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